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Seaga Infinity 5C Combo

Machine Features

An efficient use of space, offering a wonderful variety of snacks and cold drinks from the same brilliant machine! Plus all these great features…

  • Guaranteed Delivery System
  • Seamless Payment System Integration
  • Telemetry Ready
  • Energy Saver Settings
  • Lock-Out and Timed Vend Settings
  • LED Lighting for Brilliant Merchandising
  • Interlock Door Construction
  • Endura Motors Tested for Perfect Performance Over 2 Million Vends
  • Scroll Pricing – No Labels
  • Common Components Across All Seaga Infinity Models
  • Heavy duty and durable
  • High Efficiency Refrigeration
  • Slide In Cooling Deck
  • Dual Coils for Better Product Flexibility
  • Steel Trays for Solidity and Strength
  • Double Pane Glass
  • High Security Model Available
  • On-Board Flash Technology
  • Optional Advertising Player
  • Cashless Model Available
  • Guaranteed delivery system
  • Adjustable coil configurations
  • Vends 8 & 12 oz soda cans and up to 20 oz bottles

A Unique Business Plan

We focus on entities that place an emphasis on health and wellness for their employees, customers and the overall community. These entities include schools, municipalities, and healthcare facilities, and businesses that are willing to provide healthier alternatives to employees and patrons.

Get Your Free Healthy Vending Service!

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